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16 languages:

* Amharic     * Arabic    
* Bosnian      * Cambodian
* Chinese      * English
* Japanese   * Korean
* Laotian      * Punjabi
* Russian      * Somali
* Spanish      * Tigrinya
* Ukrainian   * Vietnamese

20 topic areas:

Banking & Finance
* Community Services
Domestic Violence
* Employment
* Emergency Services
* Health/Medical
* Housing
* Libraries
* Cities
* Utilities
* Telephone
Transit Routes
* Transportation
US Citizenship/INS
* Resource Information
* Obtaining a Drivers
* Setting Up a New Business
* Drivers License
* Permit
* ID Card


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2003-2004 Key Links Community Access Guide 2003-2004 WASHINGTON STATE COMMUNITY ACCESS GUIDE - The 2003/2004 Community Access Guide for Washington State encompasses 16 different languages and incorporates expanded topics and additional content. This Guide is applicable State and Nationwide.
2002 Key Links Community Access Guide 2002 CITY OF TUKWILA KEY LINKS COMMUNITY ACCESS GUIDE - City of Tukwila community access guide in 7 languages, essential information on police, fire, schools, human services, and more.

2001 Key Links Community Access Guide

2001 SNOHOMISH KEY LINKS COMMUNITY ACCESS GUIDE - Containing 13 different languages and greatly expanded areas of information that include: transportation, housing, employment services, emergency services, medical/dental, City information, setting up utility services, telephone, banking, library information, community service agencies and the transit routes that serve them, and other information such as hotlines, job lines and other relevant information.
2000 KEY LINKS COMMUNITY ACCESS GUIDE - The second Guide expanded upon the 1999 Transportation Options Guide to include information on banking, telephone, transportation and community service agencies and the transportation routes that serve them.
1999 TRANSPORTATION OPTIONS - The first Guide produced in four languages with an exclusive emphasis on transportation services.
Cards KEY LINKS WALLET CARDS - Customized to the needs of individual ethnic communities, containing a variety of essential contact information easily accessible on a wallet-size plastic card format.
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